A 2h walk-performance in five stages:

1. Conduction: Space for transition, a blind road that activates a timeline. The beginning of a liturgy.

2. Urticaria: A zone of toxicity where our skin gets penetrated and our body intruded. The uncanny zone were we still feel comfortable.

3. PEN-eiland: The underlying layers of soil, the politics of the area, the historical strata.

4. Transect: A haptic and sonic activation of the zone. A generative walk as an appropriation of the terrain.

5. Returner: The recovery, the healing, the purification of the shortest night.



♦ People with strong allergies please refrain from attending.The walk entails crossing across nettle (urtica dioica) fields.

♦ This piece entails a walk lasting over 1 hour across densed wooded area.

♦ Not apt for persons with mobility problems.

♦ Please wear walking boots and comfortable clothes, suitable for any adverse conditions such as mud and low branches.

♦ Other necessary equipment will be provided.


→ 2 sessions.
→ Maximum 10 participants per session.
→ Only with reservations in advance:
18 of June | 20:00— Aldo Van Eyck Orphanage. Ijsbaanpad 3
21 of June | 20:00— SMBA. Rozenstraat 59

As part of the Festival of Choices 2015

Performed by Oneka von Schrader
Soundtrack by Gerard Ortín
Claudia Pagès Rabal and Laurent-David Garnier
Many thanks to:
Yazan Khalili, Ryan Rivadeneyra, Daniel Jacoby, Tamara Kuselman and Irati Gorostidi
With the help of the
Archive of Diemen (Gemeente Diemen).

Photograph by Irati Gorostidi